The Problem With Playgroup

This one is a little more light-hearted than recent stories. The Problem With Playgroup The problem with playgroup is the other children. I’m sure they’re alright, but they make such a mess. I run after them and tidy up. I pick up the scooter the boy knocked over, the pushchair the girls were fighting about, […]

Moving On

I wasn’t intending to do a Friday Flash this week but there you go! Hope you like it. Moving On I turned and looked at the hospice I had just left. A family were also leaving, huddled together. The women were openly sobbing, the men had tears coursing down cheeks that were as tense and […]

Rum Balls

I can smell rum balls. Someone is rustling a bag. A paper bag? They should be in a paper bag. I’m straining, but I can’t see who’s got them. Ah, my beautiful granddaughter. That’s right, pet, you enjoy them. No, I can’t have one, hinny. Can’t eat them anymore. Can’t eat anything anymore. I remember […]

Friday Flashing

I’ve meant, for a couple of weeks, to have a go at the #FridayFlash meme on Twitter. I don’t know if you sign up to anywhere – if anyone knows, can you let me know in the comments please? Much appreciated. Anyway, the following conversation took place yesterday on Twitter between me and @alisonwells (whose […]