Happy Happy Birthday

Today’s post is short and sweet but very much from the heart. Today my little girl is one year old, and I just want to say…   Happy Birthday Emily Grace. You complete our family and we love you more than we can say.

Good Reads on Goodreads

I’ve recently been digging a little deeper into Goodreads. I’ve been signed up for ages but, like when I first joined Twitter, I’m not making anywhere best use of it. Superficially, you add which books you’re reading or have read and do a little review of them. All well and good, and handy for dipping […]

Fog, Flitting and Fermenting

One of the advantages to not being a mainstream published author yet is that I have no expectations to meet except those I put on myself. No deadlines, no commissioned work, no genre I’m expected to write in or series I need to complete. I can experiment and dip in and out of work as […]

Do you hear the Diva sing?

We had a Parents’ Consultation at Daniel’s nursery yesterday evening (we don’t have Parents’ Evenings apparently. We have Consultations). All in all it was a glowing report, aside from his short temper which we’ve known about since he was a few months old. He is seemingly a whiz at maths and number skills – didn’t […]

Conscientious Objections

If you listen to what I witter on about regularly you might know that I’m a staunch pacifist. I do not believe there is ever a justification for war. I know this opens  up a whole can of worms – such as “What about Hitler?” and the like – and I don’t have clever answers. […]

Bye Bye Baby!

B in the A – Z challenge is probably for birthday. Next week Emily turns one, although some of the stuff she does makes me wonder at times if she’s actually closer to ten. And with her first birthday we’re leaving babyhood behind. She’s already more of a toddler anyway. She wanders around the house, […]

Sudocrem Competition!

I’ve been sent the details of this competition, which I think looks loads of fun! I love Sudocrem, it’s a constant feature in our house especially as Emily is prone to outbreaks of sore skin and it really seems to soothe it. Apparently they’ve been going 80 years. Blimey. Have a read and then go […]

Twilight vs Harry Potter, By Request

I’d like to see a post on Twighlight vs Harry Potter please. Apparently that is incredibly important in the world of 14 year olds. If you’ve been following my blog at all over the last few months, you may remember a post here about needing a challenge in my writing, so I asked people to […]

Jumping Fleas

I think you should do a piece about Ukuleles and how great they are. It’s the only way you’ll learn. Wow. A whole blog post on ukeleles? Well, here we go. First, I have to confess, I had a surprisingly enjoyable time researching this topic. I’ve scoured YouTube, Googled my way through the first few […]

Challenge The First

My Home Area Can I suggest a topic – an easy one – tell us about your village/town. What’s to do. What the countryside is like. Your community? Any disadvantages. I am suggesting this only because I love being able to visualise where bloggers are in their day to day lives! If you’ve been keeping […]