To my husband on his birthday

Today is my husband’s birthday (I’m actually writing this the night before so let’s hope scheduled posting works, eh WordPress?). I love birthdays; I always try to make the most of them and make the birthday person feel special. That’s not always that we buy the most expensive presents, although he’s arranged some amazing presents […]

A Poem For Emily

Tweeted earlier today, and based on real life events… Emily Grace Had a twisty face ‘Cause something was bugging her tum She started to cry Then let out a sigh As it exploded out of her bum. Next came a belch A big sticky squelch And for the first time in a while Emily Grace […]

Ode to Twitter

A bit of silliness for a Sunday morning! I wandered lonely through the crowd And lurked behind the twitt’ring birds; Their clever tweets and nimble words. But, to my shame, I ne’er allowed Myself to join that bustling horde. But fled to Facebook, where dwelt my friends Away from hashtags, RTs, Trends. And sang out […]


Just a quick one today, because I’ve been writing a pantomime script for two days solid, it’s nearly midnight, and I need to go to sleep before my dear darling son wakes up for a couple of hours. I just wanted to recommend a couple of things. Firstly, the book: Stephen Fry’s “The Ode Less […]