Harvesting Energy

When most of your interaction is with writers – I mean online interaction, blogs, tweets, facebook, etc etc etc – you inevitably meet messages such as “Congrats to X, her debut book is out today” “Just got a call from an agent” “Just got partial request” “Just got request for full ms” “Just got offered […]

Z is for… Zoom

Day 30! I’m so shocked at how fast April has gone. It really doesn’t seem two minutes since I saw the A to Z Blogging Challenge on Talli Roland’s blog and thought it sounded fun… What was I thinking?! Well, ok, it was fun. I’ll do a more thoughtful post in a couple of days […]

“You Look Beautiful”

In case you’re reading this from a cave in Outer Mongolia, you may not have heard that today is Royal Wedding day. There are a million different things I could witter on about here. We had a lovely time watching it, with friends’ as our kids played at princes and princesses then started beating each […]

X, Rated

X is an ex-tremely ex-asperating causing many ex-pletives trying to think of a post for the A to Z Challenge. I’d go so far as to say it should be ex-peditiously ex-pelled from the alphabet, but that may be a slight ex-aggeration. So in desperation, and we’re talking scraping the very bottom of the barrel […]

Wedding Fever

This evening I have been making a cape and crown for my three year old son to wear to nursery tomorrow as a Prince (except he wants to be a King instead. Good lad – aim high). He has a vague realisation that some mystery Prince is marrying a girl who will be a Princess […]

Vengeance and Vaccinations

A guest post by Miss E Brown I have a tale, dear reader. A tale of warning – do not trust ANYONE. Today started like any other. I got up around five. Apparently Big Bro used to get up at that sort of time too but age has weakened him; not to the extent of […]

Unheard Voices

This is a quick-ish post, in response to some family circumstances that I’m sure are echoed throughout the country. We are hearing left, right and centre about cuts being imposed on the UK that Margaret Thatcher only dreamed about. I’m sure she’s a very happy lady now – I guess I should be glad that […]


Yes, it’s another post about the wonder that is Twitter. Thinking about it lately, I’ve decided to list a few of the things you can use it for: Networking. Well, dur. Chat and conversation. When you follow a few people who regularly to chat to each other you a) get to join in and have […]

Sleeping Beauty

A bit of flash fiction today. Not entirely fictional…! 8pm. Great, baby asleep in good time. Should really go to bed now, but I’ll just have five minutes first. Ooh, there’s a repeat of that show I missed the other night. Right, I’ll make a cuppa and watch that; it’s only half an hour… 9.30pm. […]

Reviewing the Situation

It’s amazing how precious reviews and feedback are, I’m finding. As someone who has a fairly fragile ego (yes, I do. Don’t look so shocked. Or snigger) I’d have thought I’d either not dare show anyone any work or else put it out, and scurry into the corner with my hands over my ears so […]