One foot in front of the other

I’m huffing up the stairs, socks straggling and escaping from the jumble in my arms. Every two steps one piece of clean laundry falls and I stop and pick it up and three more fall instead. It takes five minutes to go upstairs, which would be nothing in a mansion but an irritatingly long time […]

Newcastle Writing Conference 2015 – Part Two

In case you’re wondering what I’m talking about, have a peek at Part One here. If you read that already, help yourself to a biscuit as a reward for coming back for more of my musings. So, dear readers, I have just been fired up by the keynote, and informed about building a digital presence […]

Newcastle Writing Conference 2015: Do It Yourself Part One.

I went to my first every writing conference at the weekend – Newcastle Writing Conference, arranged by New Writing North at Northumbria University. I jumped at the chance to go because the lineup was just brilliant – the speakers included Meg Rosoff! As it turned out, family worries made the day get off to a shaky […]

Happy Birthday!

A short and sweet post today. My baby girl is TWO today. I absolutely can’t believe we’ve had her for two years already. But I absolutely can’t imagine or even remember clearly life without her either. Happy birthday Emily. You complete us. xx PS hobby horses are horrendous to wrap. Just sayin’.

Game Night

We were in Smyth’s toy shop yesterday. Emily had fallen over in the previous shop and bumped her head on the concrete floor so in the classic manner of paranoid parents we were walking around trying to decide if we should get her to hospital or if she would probably be ok. Smyth’s seemed a […]

Failure & Finishing

Uh oh. That was a bad start to the A-Z Challenge, wasn’t it? When I realised I’d missed C, I thought I’d combine it with D in a post. Then I didn’t get to do one for D either so I thought I’d try really hard to combine C, D and E (while thinking “Oh […]


Last year was a bit of a rough ‘un. For a multitude of reasons; I’m not going to go through them now otherwise I’ll have to retreat to the sofa in pyjamas and eat Ben and Jerry’s out of the tub (ooh, actually…) This year I was determined to leave all that behind. So to […]


April 1st! This year is really flying over. It doesn’t seem two minutes since I did a blog post saying March would be here soon. Or maybe it’s because my blog posts have fallen by the wayside. The tiredness I’ve been struggling with for a few months has been identified as an iron deficiency and […]

Hope for Willow Burn

As most of my friends online know, my grandpa has been very ill for about a month. He’s currently being cared for by Willow Burn hospice in Co Durham and they have been absolutely wonderful. My mum always says that dying is inevitable, but important; one of the most important things you will ever do. […]


This morning I finished my first ever draft of a novel. A WHOLE novel. What I wrote. Me. Ahem. I know that for real, proper authors this isn’t a big deal – and maybe it shouldn’t be such a big deal? But it really is. Not only am I a bit of a procrastinator, and […]