#project366 Week 47 

An Emily for all seasons Low winter sun, setting at 3pm Ready for the start of the Christmas parade at #beamishmuseum this year… Singing Jingle Bells on the back of a vintage fire engine with Santa following behind! Kids loved every minute. Homework time. Love Emmy’s tongue sticking out!

#project366 Week 46 

Yeah I’ve missed loads. More like #project234. First snow of the year. Distracting myself from US election news. Supporting striking Durham Teaching Assistants picketing County Hall Stanley, in beautiful morning light. From in-laws’ house today. #nofilter Daniel’s first glasses!

#project366 Week 44 

At Costa, waiting for daniel’s eye drops to kick before returning to optician. Y’know, when hunger strikes, even the devil’s gotta get to Gregg’s…

#project366 Week 43 

Happy bedtimes Meeting Fibro Family at Stanley Lovely autumn colours, which we can finally enjoy in our garden thanks to Robert who’s done so much work for us to tidy it up! Yeah, ok, I didn’t take this today. Fussy fussy. Sunshine.

#project366 Week 42

I am valiantly ploughing on with Project366, despite missing so many as life messes up, well, pretty much everything). Here is Daniel looking angelic. Flowers for special teachers. Playtime

#project366 Week 40

Got a new fiver for the first time today. Very weird, particularly when I realised it had a transparent bit that I could see my fingers through. I am such a Luddite! Waiting for swimming lessons. The sunlight behind is actually a mural on the pool walls

#project366 Week 39 

Extreme concentration Glorious morning on the camp site Horsey, horsey, don’t you stop… LOOK WHAT I GOT IN THE POST TODAY!!