April’s photos

Well, I’ve officially given up on #project365. I loved doing it, but I wasn’t getting a picture every day, and it was turning into another source of stress, as well as another blow to my self-esteem (another failure). Which I really don’t need at the minute. So I am continuing to post pictures on Instagram, […]

March’s photo album

2nd: World Book Day. Belle, on her way to school! 12th: Spring! 18th: I am rebooting. Life and poorly kids and… STUFF has just been totally in the way so this is Take 2. Emily in the Centre for Life in Newcastle while Daniel is in Coding Club. #evilscientist #worlddomination 29th: My kids, looking down […]

February’s photo album

3rd February 2017: Hat hair!! 4th: Emily cooked dinner today! Pork chops, potato wedges, vegetables, sweet potato falafel and roasted red pepper relish. Did almost everything including chopping the vegetables with Mummy’s big vegetable knife. Proud little girl, and proud Mum! 5th: happy kids at their friend’s birthday party. 6th: In sharp contrast, sad little […]

Photo album: January 2017

5th January: Dad in hospital catching up on priorities – sport! 6th: Today’s prompt is from the #bookloversjanuary project! I am flitting this year. Today: fave title page. This book is just a work of art, the photo doesn’t do it justice. 7th: Saw this weird halo around the moon tonight (#nofilter) 8th: Newcastle, yesterday […]