#project366 Week 21

At the park after school Don’t ask me. At the park. Again. Blossom The only way to take tea 🙂 At the garden centre In the garden

#project366 Week 20

Another glorious evening Taken with my lovely new camera 🙂 A Sony A5000, a compact system camera so it can do the posh auto settings but I can have some close manual control if I want it, as well as swapping lenses. When I can afford any other lenses. I absolutely adore it. At the […]

#project366 Week 19

My last essay as an undergraduate… Conjuring up the sunshine Didn’t see me getting one today but there you go. Summer evening.

#project366 Week 18

April? Or January? Start of bank holiday weekend Fresh air (and not snow, always a bonus for May bank holiday…)

#project366 Week 17

Spring! The girl with the flower. Yup. Definitely Spring. Really getting into macro. This one without filter… …and this one with filter. Light at in-laws Happy drone flying shortly before Granda took control… “Don’t fly it into the tree!” “Wey man, obviously I’m not going to fly it into the… Oh.” Emily and the X-ray

#project366 Week 16

After a few days off, cause of, well, stuff… Emily after school today Flowers on the way home from school At Barter Books, Alnwick. One of my favourite places in the world! From Chester-le-Street, Riverside Park

#project366 Week 15 

Playing, the old-fashioned way; with dolls’ house and tea set. Somehow need to pull 3500 clever words out of this lot… Serious spring storms today! Hail, rain, sunshine and rainbows. My world has been rather smaller lately, but the rain today inspired some pictures. Emily’s 6th birthday party, actual birthday tomorrow Happy birthday my beautiful, […]

#project366 Week 14

This is Emily yesterday aged 5. The photo on the wall behind is from 30 years ago of me and my brother. Mini-me! ? library-loving kids First night of our brand new book club! A fabulous night, full of chat both literary and otherwise, brilliant insights into Margaret Atwood’s short story collection Stone Mattress, and […]

#project366 Week 13

One quarter of the way through the year, and well into spring! I’m amazed that I’ve done as well on the #project366 as I have. It’s been a fairly difficult start to the year, and there have definitely been times when I didn’t feel like taking a photo but tried to anyway; times when I […]

#project366 Week 12

Spring in Sacriston! Practicing hairstyles Horses by The Traveller’s Rest Daniel and Daddy Emily painting The Three Little Pigs