#project366 Week 31

Mad scientist at work This cheered me up no end! Honeysuckle takes me back to my childhood! I was over the moon when I discovered that it was the mystery green plant growing right next to the kitchen window in our new house. Party in the Park! Police helicopter in the park Visiting my grandma. […]

#project366 Week 30

Bit of a cheat today as I didn’t take this. Emily (6yo) asked to borrow my phone to take a picture “of the light” and gave it back to me exactly as it is here; I haven’t edited it in any way. Playing with selfies! Heatwave! So yesterday Daniel said “I think it’ll be very […]

#project366 Week 29

My little bookworm Flowers from mum, dad and brother for graduating. Arrived via Flying Flowers today and I’d highly recommend them, the flowers were in beautiful condition. Library visit

#project366 Week 28

Daniel spent his day off (actually for a cold not the teachers’ strike) making a paper city. It’s ENORMOUS. Tree in Chester-le-Street. I liked how the overexposure gave it a misty feeling, then added a filter in Snapseed. Sainsburys today. Used to annoy me how back to school signs were around before the end of […]

#project366 Week 27

Reading through latest library haul! Just finished Instructions for a Heatwave and A Song for Ella Grey, now moving onto Tennyson’s Gift and To Kill A Mockingbird – somehow I’ve got to 35 never having read that! #books #bookstagram Picnic by Penshaw Monument (just after the rain) Another summer sunset. It was either this, or […]

#project366 Week 26

And here we are, halfway through the year. I’m disappointed not to have a picture everyday, but honestly considering the year it’s been I’m also paradoxically quite proud that I have any at all. My world is so small at the minute in lots of ways that it’s become a challenge to find something to […]

#project366 Week 25

Busy bee Mum’s cat, Finn First copies of dad’s book :-DFirst edition, signed by the author thank you very much! Sunbathing snail

#project366 Week 23

Working on my very last undergraduate assignment. Er, assuming I pass…(Spoiler alert: I did!) My entire degree, now complete. There’s a theme developing for this week’s photos. Big brother Dandelions. This was turned into black and white and is one of my favourite photos.

#project366 Week 22 

Poorly little girl. Emily came down with violent sickness and we didn’t suspect at this point that we were one by one all about to fall victim to horrendous gastroenteritis. Emily definitely had it the worst though. At Leeds. Off our sickbeds, valiantly, just in time to see the marvellous Bill Bailey at Leeds First […]