Camping near Northallerton

And a quick couple of pictures from our camping trip. Almost angelic… Difficult to believe this is the exact same place, the exact same day. The thinker…

On rediscovering creativity

Life can get in the way of things, things that are really quite important. Creativity can be one of the first things to go; when you’re tired or stressed, or in pain, or suffering. It seems frivolous. When you are busy thinking about how to get enough energy to prepare the next meal, or if […]

Diet changes

Over the past couple of years we’ve (Beloved Husband and I) been becoming more aware of issues around food. It comes after years of eating as students and, at various times, struggling with money, health, stress, and all those other little things that make healthy eating a struggle. We started watching Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and the […]

Newcastle on a Friday night

View this post on Instagram Newcastle on a Friday night A post shared by Rebecca Brown (@beccabrown) on Jun 19, 2015 at 12:32pm PDT Well, I suppose technically this is a view of Gateshead from Newcastle. But who’s being picky? Newcastle always gives me the feeling of being a vibrant city, full of life. The […]

Thoughts on Labour after #GE2015

My reaction to the General Election result was shock, horror, despondency then determination. I have a million thoughts in my head, and one blog post will not rule them all, so I’m going to try to order my thoughts in dribs and drabs. I guess one of the biggest questions may be, what happened to […]

Tactical Voting

As someone with unashamedly left-wing views, I have to ask the question as to whether I should be voting for the Greens, as per my last post, or whether that will, in fact, split the opposition vote, dooming us to another five years of Tory government and wasting my left-wing opinion. This is a valid […]