Our life as a family takes an exciting new twist today. My very talented and lovely husband, Andrew, starts his career as a self-employed designer. It’s a been a long-held dream to run his own business, and a whole variety of factors have conspired to bring us to today. Without further ado, I’d like to […]

Happy Happy Birthday

Today’s post is short and sweet but very much from the heart. Today my little girl is one year old, and I just want to say…   Happy Birthday Emily Grace. You complete our family and we love you more than we can say.

English Rules. Ok?

I’m very proud that one of my natural talents is for languages. I flew through French and Spanish at school and although I’m as rusty as you might expect after having abandoned my language studies for eleven years, I’m still pretty competent at reading and writing both languages. I also found at school that English […]

Do you hear the Diva sing?

We had a Parents’ Consultation at Daniel’s nursery yesterday evening (we don’t have Parents’ Evenings apparently. We have Consultations). All in all it was a glowing report, aside from his short temper which we’ve known about since he was a few months old. He is seemingly a whiz at maths and number skills – didn’t […]

Bye Bye Baby!

B in the A – Z challenge is probably for birthday. Next week Emily turns one, although some of the stuff she does makes me wonder at times if she’s actually closer to ten. And with her first birthday we’re leaving babyhood behind. She’s already more of a toddler anyway. She wanders around the house, […]

Out of the Ivory Tower

Over the past couple of months, with the general busy-ness of Christmas, work at home and vile weather outside, I haven’t been out much. I used to go to playgroup, but since Daniel started nursery it’s been one of those things I’ve been meaning to do. I haven’t met up with friends much, for the […]

Expert Weaning for Second Babies

I felt I should really share my wisdom on this topic, having been giving Emily solids for several weeks now and thus qualifying as an expert *ahem*. Like so many parts of having a second baby, this is nothing like the first time you did it, and can be quite a shock to your system. […]

I’m In Love…

…with Build A Bear! I was recently put in touch with Estelle from Publicasity, who wanted some Mummy bloggers to have a trip to Build A Bear and blog about their experience, and it’s somewhere I’ve wanted to take Daniel for ages so I leaped at the chance. And I have to say, I absolutely […]

A Poem For Emily

Tweeted earlier today, and based on real life events… Emily Grace Had a twisty face ‘Cause something was bugging her tum She started to cry Then let out a sigh As it exploded out of her bum. Next came a belch A big sticky squelch And for the first time in a while Emily Grace […]

Are You Smarter Than A Four Month Old?

Emily began solids this week. Actually, her first taste of solids was nearly 2 weeks ago, but we put it on hold because there was a load of upheaval at home. Yes, she is young – she only turned 4 months old on Monday. And as the health visitor pointed out, “We do prefer them […]