My heroes

You know when you try to think of heroes – people you’re inspired by, whose example you aspire to? I’m currently sitting in the swimming baths watching my daughter’s swimming lesson and I think my children might be my heroes. Daniel is 6. He’s quiet, intelligent and analytical. But he’s quietly confident, an intelligent leader […]

Doing Ok

So, my posts lately, as well as being ever so slightly erratic, have not been particularly cheerful, have they? Apart from the Saved by CakeĀ one. Cake is always cheerful, unless something goes horribly wrong. Well, I thought I might pop in and say, I’m doing ok. What inspired this? I was hanging washing on the […]

Greener Grass

Well, I guess you’ve picked up that the April A-Z has fallen by the wayside! This time it really isn’t my fault. Honest. We’ve been looking to move house for a while and during the Easter holidays we saw a house, fell in love with it and decided to go for it. The problem is, […]


There’s a song I used to love, twelve years ago when my husband and I started going out. It’s Words, originally I believe by the BeeGees but in ’99 when Andrew and I met it had just been covered by *shameful whisper* Boyzone. It has lovely lyrics, but it’s the refrain that’s the killer: It’s […]

First Words

You might be forgiven for assuming that the first words I’m talking about are Emily’s. But no. Daniel has been astounding us lately with his progress in writing. A couple of weeks ago he showed us how good he was at writing numbers – he did 1, 2, 3 and within a couple of days […]

Telling Stories

One of the things I really love seeing develop in my son is his storytelling. He’s got an imagination that is taking wings right now and he spends a great deal of time either ‘reading’ the books that he knows and loves or else making up stories with his toys. He seems to understand that […]

Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

Dear Daniel and Emily A year ago I wrote this post. So much has changed since then. Daniel, you’re nearly four and you’re such a big boy. You can dress yourself – in fact, you insist on it – and go to the toilet andĀ even nearly read. You look after your baby sister and hold […]

Vengeance and Vaccinations

A guest post by Miss E Brown I have a tale, dear reader. A tale of warning – do not trust ANYONE. Today started like any other. I got up around five. Apparently Big Bro used to get up at that sort of time too but age has weakened him; not to the extent of […]

Unheard Voices

This is a quick-ish post, in response to some family circumstances that I’m sure are echoed throughout the country. We are hearing left, right and centre about cuts being imposed on the UK that Margaret Thatcher only dreamed about. I’m sure she’s a very happy lady now – I guess I should be glad that […]

Quiet, Please

In a house with a one year old finding her voice and a three year old finding, well, EVERYTHING, things get a tad noisy. Emily will shout, just because she can. Daniel will shout, to share something amazing he’s discovered. Emily will out-shout him, just because she can. Daniel will out-shout her, because he’s in […]