Almost eleven years ago I wrote a post called “Letter to my children”. My daughter was a month old and my son three years old, and I was struggling with adjusting to life with a child at nursery and a newborn – and perhaps even more with the idea that that struggle was normal. It […]

What makes a good father?

Reflections on fatherhood for Father’s Day 2017 What makes a good father? I’m sure almost everyone asks themselves this question at some point, whether it’s in curiosity, or panic, or even self-congratulation. Since Beloved Husband first became a father almost ten years ago, I have had the privilege of seeing what makes a good father and […]

#project366 Week 36 

One final pic from Clippesby On the way home from Norfolk (literally,out of nowhere as we were passing through North Yorkshire!) I came down with the most horrendous cold. I rose from my sickbed to get my hair chopped off. I’m sure it was top of Lazarus’s priorities too… The kids weren’t quite as traumatised […]

Camping near Northallerton

And a quick couple of pictures from our camping trip. Almost angelic… Difficult to believe this is the exact same place, the exact same day. The thinker…

Newcastle on a Friday night

View this post on Instagram Newcastle on a Friday night A post shared by Rebecca Brown (@beccabrown) on Jun 19, 2015 at 12:32pm PDT Well, I suppose technically this is a view of Gateshead from Newcastle. But who’s being picky? Newcastle always gives me the feeling of being a vibrant city, full of life. The […]

Memory Walk

A few weeks ago on a whim I signed up for the Memory Walk at Chester-le-Street in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society. It is a fantastic cause and my grandma has dementia so it’s a personal cause too. Now, it’s only 3 miles but it is worth bearing a few things in mind. First, I’m […]


I’m currently reading my way through Cooked by Michael Pollan, which I’ve been looking forward to since I first heard about it and was lucky enough to pick up for half price in Waterstones recently. I love Michael Pollan’s food writing; he takes a great deal of responsibly for slowly changing my attitude to food […]