Almost eleven years ago I wrote a post called “Letter to my children”. My daughter was a month old and my son three years old, and I was struggling with adjusting to life with a child at nursery and a newborn – and perhaps even more with the idea that that struggle was normal. It […]

The year I turn forty

Ten years ago, I wrote a post about turning thirty. Ten years?! It seems like no time at all… in some ways. In others, I was a very different person then. 2020, of course, is the year I turn forty. That feels— very grown up. It feels like I should definitely be an adult. Which […]

What makes a good father?

Reflections on fatherhood for Father’s Day 2017 What makes a good father? I’m sure almost everyone asks themselves this question at some point, whether it’s in curiosity, or panic, or even self-congratulation. Since Beloved Husband first became a father almost ten years ago, I have had the privilege of seeing what makes a good father and […]

Profits vs people

I remember being in my early teens, and seeing a tv show about car seatbelts, and how the manufacturers of the car decided not to put extra seatbelts in the pop-up seats in the boot because it was too expensive. Yes, there was a risk of a passenger in these seats being seriously hurt or […]

#project366 Week 36 

One final pic from Clippesby On the way home from Norfolk (literally,out of nowhere as we were passing through North Yorkshire!) I came down with the most horrendous cold. I rose from my sickbed to get my hair chopped off. I’m sure it was top of Lazarus’s priorities too… The kids weren’t quite as traumatised […]

Camping near Northallerton

And a quick couple of pictures from our camping trip. Almost angelic… Difficult to believe this is the exact same place, the exact same day. The thinker…

On rediscovering creativity

Life can get in the way of things, things that are really quite important. Creativity can be one of the first things to go; when you’re tired or stressed, or in pain, or suffering. It seems frivolous. When you are busy thinking about how to get enough energy to prepare the next meal, or if […]