Tweet Right

I’m going to tell you something astonishing, that you didn’t know before. Ready? I love twitter. What do you mean, was that it? What do you want, blood? Anyway, I personally think twitter is one of the best reasons for the internet. It’s connected me with so many different people, and given me confidence to […]

Exploding Ebooks

Having just read yet another diatribe about ebooks – along the lines of real books smell lovely and feel lovely and I love secondhand bookshops and is the real book dead? I don’t think so – I went away, had a quick seethe, and have returned to calmly put down a couple of my thoughts on […]

Old Friends

So, in case  by some chance you missed it, my first interview on In the Wishing Chair went live at the weekend, and I’ve recorded a few more interviews since. I’ve had some lovely feedback, so many thanks to anyone who’s listened so far and given me such a boost! There’s one particular question I’m […]


Bloodstone is the sequel to the acclaimed Firebrand by Gillian Philip, which I reviewed here last year alongside an interview with its simply fantastic hero, Seth MacGregor. Firebrand has shot up to become one of my favourite books, and being an impatient sort I kept nagging Gillian to find out when Bloodstone was coming out. Imagine […]

Reaching Authors

When I was little, I adored The Famous Five. I wrote a letter to Enid Blyton to tell her so. This was quite a big deal. I can’t remember if I actually found some sort of address or if I just sent it to “Enid Blyton, England” in the certain knowledge that she was so […]

Nosy Crow – Three Little Pigs

One of the things I’ve said about ebooks from the beginning is “Great idea, but children’s books won’t work that way.” One of the many examples of me not thinking out of the box, as proven recently by Nosy Crow‘s Three Little Pigs iOs app. We got this recently as a treat for Daniel as […]

Opposite of Amber

So my first failure of the A to Z Challenge – I missed N completely. Totally stumped on that one. I could think of topics – names for example – I just didn’t have anything remotely interesting to say! Moving swiftly on, O comes very nicely to coincide with a book I was planning to […]

Recommending Oneself to Strangers

‘I am ill qualified to recommend myself to strangers…I have not the talent which some people possess,’ said Darcy, ‘of conversing easily with those I have never seen before.’ While watching the BBC programme Faulks on Fiction on Saturday night, I was very incensed by the theory Sebastian Faulks put forward that Mr Darcy suffered […]

Bound to Love

Bound to Love – Sally Clements I’ve just finished reading this romance which is released today (see links below) from Embrace Books’ Red Velvet line, which they describe as “sexy, sophisticated romance”; I have to say, that sums up Sally’s book perfectly. I’ll let you read the blurb then I’ll put my own thoughts. Jake […]

Back to the Bennetts

A few months ago I developed sciatica, and I’ve had referral to a physiotherapist. I was there yesterday, as a matter of fact. One of my biggest problems is my posture. I have a strong tendency to slump (apparently I also go constantly to one side – when I consciously straighten up I actually feel […]