A Wild Swan

Part of christmas book haul, and nearly finished. Love this, it’s dark and funny and sets your imagination haring off all over the place.


I’m currently reading my way through Cooked by Michael Pollan, which I’ve been looking forward to since I first heard about it and was lucky enough to pick up for half price in Waterstones recently. I love Michael Pollan’s food writing; he takes a great deal of responsibly for slowly changing my attitude to food […]

Saved by Cake

I remember hearing about Marian Keyes having a bad time but beyond feeling sympathy for her, I didn’t think too much of it at the time. Then over the last couple of years my own problems kind of took over everything. When I saw a copy of Saved by Cake on the shelf in Waterstones, it drew […]

Write A Great Synopsis

2012 is the year I finally finish off my two ongoing WIPS, then begin the ordeal of putting together a submission package and sending it all off. With that in mind, it’s perfect timing that I’m helping Nicola Morgan with the blog tour for her new book, Write A Great Synopsis: An Expert Guide. This […]

Book Review: Grub’s Pups

I was very chuffed to be asked to review this book. It’s a delightful picture book that entranced both my four year old son and eighteen month old toddler. Abi Burlingham has Ruby tell the story of how her dog, Grub is going to be a dad. It’s easy to join in with her excitement […]

Results Not Typical

Today sees the last of my little run of blog tour guests, Catherine Ryan Howard, talking about her latest adventure self-publishing a novel Results Not Typical. Thanks for stopping by My Little Notepad, Catherine! Can you give us a rundown of your story so far? I self-published a travel memoir in March 2010 that had […]

21st Century Dodos

If you are looking for something to read that is fun, well-researched and will have you shouting out at regular intervals “Oh my goodness, YES I remember that!” I can recommend nothing more highly than Steve Stack’s new book, 21st Century Dodos. I was lucky enough to read it recently and loved it so much […]

Tweet Treats!

You know by now what a huge part of my life twitter is. In this post I can prove that it can really do some good, too! I’m delighted to be part of the blog tour for Jane Travers’ newly-launched book Tweet Treats today! If you don’t know about this (where have you been?), it’s a […]

Tweet Right

I’m going to tell you something astonishing, that you didn’t know before. Ready? I love twitter. What do you mean, was that it? What do you want, blood? Anyway, I personally think twitter is one of the best reasons for the internet. It’s connected me with so many different people, and given me confidence to […]


Bloodstone is the sequel to the acclaimed Firebrand by Gillian Philip, which I reviewed here last year alongside an interview with its simply fantastic hero, Seth MacGregor. Firebrand has shot up to become one of my favourite books, and being an impatient sort I kept nagging Gillian to find out when Bloodstone was coming out. Imagine […]